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Looking for some good resources on sprouting


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Vegetus25! This is the second thread tonight that I've answered to where I've thought the person could search themselves to find the information they're looking for. However you're welcome to ask. I guess I'll answer since I'm procrastinating doing my homework.


You should just find a local store or order online: a sprouting kit. It might come with some beans or grains to sprout, or vegetables or whatever. It should also have a jar with a lid that has holes on the top. It's been awhile, but basically you just put the seeds in and put some water in it and cook it up. Except not cooking actually, but you know what I mean. If you let them sprout for several days and follow the directions you should have some successful sprouts.


Good luck to you! I'm guessing alfalfa is an easy one to do. Although they are enzymatically active and raw, be aware that sprouts aren't that easy on the stomach. I've heard that they will slow down any detoxing you are doing. They are good in a salad though.


Look for something like this: http://www.organic-vida.com/handy-pantry-half-gallon-glass-seed-sprouting-jar-starter-kit.html


Ok bye

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Why would it be dangerous? It's possibly the MOST natural and non-intrusive way to modify food. I've been doing it for years. Nothing beats fresh homegrown sprouts!


on edit: I'm guessing you're referring to the reputation that sprouts have for carrying e. coli. This is really only a problem in commercial sprouts, not homegrown sprouts, and is just a sanitation issue no different from how spinach and other raw foods get contaminated from poor processing practices. Get some seeds, soak them overnight, then rinse them in a jar twice a day and keep them in the dark for 5 days, then let them turn green by putting them in the light before refrigerating them. That's all there is to it and as long as you wash your hands there will be no e. coli.

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i second what Joe said. Research what you plan to sprout before you eat them.


Also, Lean and Green and i have been making our own sprouts since we met. Most of the time there are no issues. But onnce in a while, if left in the sprouter for too long (we have a giant 3-teir sprouter) they doo get a little moldy and then they are no good.


Some of my favorite things to sprout are:



quinoa (tastes a lot like cooked quinoa if you eat it when the tails are small)


mung beans

buckwheat (these seem to take a bit longer)


enjoy your sprouts!

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