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How many calories should I be getting???

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So I have started lifting again (and taking it way more serious than before) and I am a bit confused on how many calories I should be getting a day.


I am 6' 215lbs and have about 25% body fat (gross right?).

Right now I plan on cutting down so I can start to lose this gut and all around look/feel better.


I have been lifting hard 3 times a week...

Mon - Back & Bi's

Wed - Chest & Tri's

Fri - Legs & Shoulders

I plan on throwing in some cardio as lifting warmups and on Tue & Thurs.


What I have come up with is somewhere in the range of 2100 calories.


Am I on the right track? If not please help!


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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You seem to be pretty on track but it might depend a bit on your age and it def depends on what you do for a living (office compared to construction you get where I'm going). If you're around 25 years of age and have a non-active job 2100, sounds good to me. If anything it's probably too low but I don't think so since you have a pretty good deal of fat there. It's very hard to estimate these things with high precision so I think you should try 2100, look in the mirror and follow your weights in the gym. Loosing too much strength means too little calories and if you don't see any progress in the mirror you eat too much. A scale might be useful but sometimes water retention etc fucks with your mind. Hope that helped a wee bit.

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I am 26 and am a photographer. And even during my busy season I am really up and active for work maybe 2-3 times a week. Other days I am working in my office editing pictures.


If anything you reassured me that I am kind of on the right path so I def appreciate it.


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