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Two Questions for Vegans

Vegan Joe

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As I have been blogging on this site for a little while, I see some of the exchanges in the comment streams on other folk’s posts. I was surprised to see that Vegans don’t use honey because it involves domsticated bees. That has raised a few random questions for me. (Full disclosure, I am a slightly reformed omnivore but at least I had a tufu-based dinner tonight).


I really don’t mean these questions to be combative. I’d just like to understand a different point of view. Here are my questions:


1. Are Vegans OK with eating “Organic” produce or grains that have been fertilized with animal manures? If you say it is not ok to eat honey because it involves an animal, I would expect that the dependency of Organic agriculture on animal wastes would be problematic from a Vegan point of view. Is that true?


2. Are Vegans OK with eating crops which need to be pollinated by bees (not wild bees but bees trucked in in hives for crops like almonds, blue berries…).


Seriously, I’m just wondering....


(Post comments at site.)

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Hi Joe -


Seeing that no-one's responded to the post yet (and speaking as someone who is *mostly vegan*, but doesn't avoid honey), I believe the issue is that domesticated bees are harmed by the honey harvesting process. For that reason, honey isn't acceptable. I guess you could argue the same thing re: crops pollinated by domesticated bees...which I'm sure die in transport.


Anyone out there to confirm/refute?

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I am glad you asked these Questions. Here is my answers.


To answer your first Q?

1. Not "all" organic farms use animal waste, a lot use human waste. By farming terms it is called cake. what did you think happened to your turd after flushed it? Aside from that not all organic farms use animal manure, actually many don't. They use what is called green manure, a green manure is a type of cover crop grown primarily to add nutrients and organic matter to the soil. As for the farms that use animals waste I don't see a big problem in recycling a waste product, yes I wish that was a product that did not exist. But it does and it needs to be dealt with, as for using this as an argument to say that vegans are hypocrites, I say meat eaters are grasping at straws now.


2.Read this site thoroughly http://www.vegetus.org/honey/honey.htm This part mainly http://www.vegetus.org/honey/ecology.htm Honey bees are very bad for the enviroment...


Hope this answers your Questions

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