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My Cut diet for may/august (NEED HELP)


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First, a thank you to those who bothered to read my topic.


I'm 24 years old, 165cm, 74kgs, 14% body fat, gym time 6 years (I started with just over 50kgs: oops:)


will be my first cut diet,

I intend to compete next year in the category classic bb ( first and only vegan bb in Portugal ).

the intent of this cut diet is to see how my body is below 8% bf and see how I'm actually physically see the weaknesses / strengths and see what I need to improve.


will change the diet and cardio as the results appear...




10am - Bcaa's


10.30am - breakfast:

30gram oats + 30gram protein soy + 200 ml soy milk + multi vitamin + Sugar block (herbal supplement)


1pm - Lunch: soy / tempeh / seitan / tofu + salad varied + 50grs integral rice / spaghetti integral


4pm - lunch:

brown bread + 200 grams tofu + multi vitamin


7pm - pre-training

soybean croquettes in the oven (100 grams, 70% soy) + 200ml soya milk


7.45pm- Gym + cardio


9pm -after workout : Bcaa's


9.30pm - Dinner:

300grs Tofu or Tempeh + Mixed salad or vegetable soup (without potatoes)


11.30pm - 30gram protein soy + soy milk 200ml + Sugar block (herbal supplement)


what to change in my diet?


thanks again

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xjohanx you say to eat less soy for the high amount of carbohydrates?

rarely cook soybean meal from 1pm, maybe 1 time a week, usually always eat my tofu, tempeh or Seitan.


I can eat a pie with tofu to switch soybean croquettes in the oven in pre-workout meal but do not think that carbohydrates can not lose fat, that my workouts are always hardcore, without carbohydrates is impossible to make the exercises as Squatt or Deadlift


I think you're not talking about two shakes of soy protein drink that has no carbs.


sorry my English!!


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As I always say nowadays.


Fresh, raw, ripe, organic fruits and vegetables.


You are not eating enough fruits to fuel your body to properly recover, and not enough greens for your minerals.


Cooked and processed foods are harsh for you digestive system and your health.


Please learn more about the book "the 811 diet" by Dr. Doug Graham - it's not really a diet, it's actually a healthy natural way of eating - enhancing overall health, strength, and overall athletic performance. This diet is all about eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.


More and more people are discovering this way of eating and are reaping amazing results: including myself - amazing strength gains.


You should check out www.30bananasaday.com. It is an amazing community-based website with very experienced 811ers of people of all types, bodybuilders, high-performance athletes, health conscience, nutritionists, natural holistic healers, people of all walks of life enjoying this way lifestyle and way of eating.


I wish you the best VeganPT

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