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Vegans and Eggs

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Hello.... I'm curious to see what others think of this.


Do any of you not have a problem with free range / free run eggs? I was a vegetarian for many many years and my reasoning for not being vegan was that "if i owned my own farm i would have no guilt from eating my hens eggs or drinking my cow's milk". Once I started seeing what hens and cows go through in factory farms I dropped both eggs and milk immediately. -but-


what if you only consumed eggs that came from a cage free / free run farm? Do they even truly exist? I have troubles believing business and animals can live together without the animals suffering greatly.


Anyways, like i said I am curious to see what some fellow compassionate vegans have to say.



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I probably wouldn't eat them regardless. I was lacto-ovo for a while too. Gave up the ovo part first. I used to make a scrambled egg thing with salsa that most people would probably call "juevos rancheros". I called it "an abortion" because of the way it looked. I didn't realize how correct that actually was, and became more and more grossed out everytime I had eggs until I just couldn't eat them anymore. I'll leave eggs for the snakes and raccoons

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