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Vgn BB Book ordering problem.


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I've tried on a couple different occasions to order the book online. Each time I try to order, PayPal says my debit card is invalid. The experation date hasn't been reached and I've used the card online elsewhere for purchases as well as stores. Obviously, the card's not the problem. The question I have is--would I just be able to send a money order instead? I'll throw in a few extra bucks for any problems caused by a money order payment.


PS. When's the book ship out? I've noticed the ship date has been delayed a couple times.



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Hey Sean,


Sorry you're having problems ordering online.....not sure what the problem is, but I apologize you've been having a hard time ordering it.


Yeah, you can also send a money order or check. Some others have done that. With shipping and pre-order discount it comes to $21.94 US.


If you're elsewhere, I can let you know what the shipping is as it pops up on the website factoring in other regions.


I can be made out to Robert Cheeke and sent to:


Robert Cheeke

3387 SE Kiger Island

Corvallis, OR 97333


As fro the book release, you're right, it has been pushed back a few times. I thought I was done back in July and August but as I worked with an editor, I realized I still had quite a bit of fine-tuning to do. The book is much better as a result. We plan to turn it in within 2 weeks for production and it will ship as soon as it is ready. I don't know those dates yet, but will get an idea once they start putting it all together ready for print. I'll keep everyone updated.


Thanks again! We're working hard to get it turned in asap. All the best!

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Wow, I didn't even know about this ordering problem, good to know and I told my website guy.


We're still moving a lot of pre-orders so I hope it hasn't been too big of an issue.


But yeah, use the address above if you ever need to mail something to me rather than do it online.


We should be submitting the book asap to be printed, within the next two weeks so we're almost there.


I'll continue to send out mass emails to all those who have pre-ordered with updates and I'll get on YouTube soon with an update as well.


Thanks again!



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For the book.....the book is in production now and should be out by April 10th.


For the documentary, no release date has been made.


Excited for the book release and book tour and excited to see the documentary finished as well.

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