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8 minute mile, woot woot!

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I know this might not be that impressive to all the athletes here, but I was pretty stoked this morning to complete my first 8 minute mile!

I've gotten so frustrated exercising and eating like a mouse every day for the last year, I wasn't looking at my other progress. I was totally stoked about this, since 2 years ago I couldn't even finish a 16 minute mile without feeling like I would die!

Gotta love the little victories...

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Since I've been focusing most of my efforts on building muscle, I've been keeping my cardio sessions really short and intense, so probably won't focus much on endurance in the near future. I'd love to get even faster, but I have pretty short legs so I don't know how much faster I can get. It'd be pretty cool to sustain that for 30 minutes, though! A girl can dream...

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