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Oxygen Mag Interview Is Posted On Website Now


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The editor of Oxygen Magazine contacted me and they're doing an interview, picture and Sample Vegan diet on their website of me.


It should be live on their website mid-April. Just the website for now, but what a great opportunity to represent Vegans!!!! I am humbled and honored!


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I just gotta say...about f*cking time!! I was initially interested in Oxygen as a woman into bodybuilding, but became very, very disenchanted with it after getting a subscription. There was a lot of the same information in there, but what really irked me was the fact that they kept talking about vegetarian/vegan diets as if they were dangerous and something that needed to be carefully watched/calculated or else we'd shrivel up and die. On top of that, there was a lot of misinformation. Two that stick out:


1. Stating that vegetarian protein needed to be watched because it was "very high in fat" and went on to state only nuts as a vegetarian option for protein.

2. Under a list of vegetarian-friendly, high-protein meals, a recipe for a tuna fish sandwich was given.


I could go on about Oxygen, but it wouldn't be pertinent to the thread. What's important is that they're going to have a tight-bodied vegan woman on there with a sample of her diet so the rest of the world can read it and know that we don't live off supplements and walk around emaciated!

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