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Oxygen Mag Interview Is Posted On Website Now


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Thanks for the congrats everyone!



for being a mainstream magazine I thought they used the term "Vegan" quite a bit. Most mainstream outlets always say vegetarian but they used Vegan more often than Vegetarian which is cool. Remember, a lot of people still don't know what a Vegan is. I still get asked once a week when I tell people I'm Vegan... "What's that?".... So its more to play to their target audience, but yeah... it would've been a great opportunity for them to differentiate it for people reading so they know the difference. Oh well, maybe next time


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I saw that, it was awesome. Congrats.


I'm glad they choose someone vegan, instead of getting a non-vegan to veganize some info. [Woah, a whole lotta vegan in that sentence, lol.]

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