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High Fructose Corn Syrup... Is it really bad for you?

Alejandro The Vegan

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What are the cons for High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)? I've grown very skeptical of most corn base products. After learning how the government has subside corn causing food prizes in latin american to soar and wasting so many resources by growing so much to feed the animals people eat and to use it for other experiments I've decided to stay away from as many things that are made with processes corn in some lab. HFCS being one of them.


I began to notice a "real sugar" claim from many products. Obviously with the skepticism about HFCS "Corn Refiners Association" has now too launched an ad campaign to defend their all natural sugar substitute. Some critics claim that HFCS contributes to weight gain by affecting normal appetite functions.


What do you guys know about HFCS? Is it a safe alternative? Is it wrong? Do you think the effects are long term?

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The truth is this because my girlfriend had a huge paper on this.

First thing is there has been mercury found in corn syrup from processing.


Besides the fact that it is highly processed the real cause of HFCS is not because it in itself is bad.

The scientic literature found no difference in the way it affects the body as compared to sugar.


The issue is not what sugar product is better than another. The fact is there is loads of this stuff in food.

It could have been brown sugar for instance and it would not make a difference.


Sugar increases blood sugar and rise of insulin production. Sugar tells the body to store fat and stop burning.

Sugar no matter what the source is inflammatory and causes immune system imparements and overall having a lot of this sugar

called fructose, glucose, sucrose, galactose, maltose or whatever the sugar kind is it is not good to eat it as an additive. The less you eat the better. So stick to fiber rich fruits and eliminate those added sugars.

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RAINRA makes a good point. HFCS gets a bad rap because the average SAD gets around 30% of its calories from it - this is ridiculous! Nobody should be getting that percentage of their daily intake from a refined sugar.


HFCS is bad for you in the same way that any refined, simple sugar is. It's not more evil than table sugar...it's not any better, though.

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Regarding the HFCS vs sucrose debate, fructose/HFCS in general and all the rumors about it you should read








The comments/discussion on the first one is awesome. Robert Lustig (from the video) actually comes in to the discussion only to make a fool out of himself.

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