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Cutting down for June

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Hey guys... so i've decided to compete in my first competition. I feel that I have a good base and I should not waste any time before I start cutting. Do any of you have any tips or experiences from your cuts? I am obviously an amateur and have never really followed any extreme bulk/cuts before. I typically try to eat as clean as possible and simply increase my calories when I'm training harder and lower them a little if I feel that I'm getting too soft.


I am a little concerned that I will lose too much mass. As most of you already know a big part of most omnivore bb'ers diets are to cut carbs. Well seeing as everything we eat has carbs in one form or another I'm afraid that will cause excess catabolism. Any advice from the more experienced people here?


Thanks a bunch

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i'm curious about this topic as well. specifically, how many months i should take to drop from 12% bf to 7-8% and how to do it without loosing a lot of mass. there must be some detailed threads on here, but not quite sure what to search for/where to begin.

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