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first, welcome to the forum! Alas I don't spend as much time as I used to here but that can hopefully change soon! I check in from time to time to say hello, welcome, catch up, post a journal (if i'm training).


Anyhow, your vid was awesome.


I was impressed with your core/stability exercise at around 4:30ish. Seems like a very cool, challenging and productive movement. The editing on the video was fantastic as well. Getting back to your routing, form was great and you seem to really enjoy what you're doing which will ensure that you get the most out of it. That mailman better watch out though! Oh yea and your upper body has really improved alot from the bf pics



see ya around.

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Hey man, I enjoyed your working out video so much!!!! I would have thought a workout video would be really boring-but i really liked yours! The music fit perfectly and i liekd the editing a lot! Anyways-it seems like you are well on your way to your goal already. Your exercise routine looks good. I especially loved your....pardon me for getting this wrong...was that tai chi at the end? It was a really cool move. One I will try now, but you made it look so fluid! Also, you said you were thinking of doing maybe some lunges or something for your legs? I highly reccomend it and at least a few leg strength moves. I see a lot of men who soley dedicate their training to upper body and end up looking very dis-proportionate. Not that you look that way now, but just training upper body can lead to that. So I reccomend at least keeping some lower body moves in your routine, even if that isnt your main focus. Everything looks stellar dude! Keep it uP!

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Nice to see you tonight man!


Loving my time out here in LA...so cool to see so many people each and every time I go out!


Keep rockin the vids and now as I get back into shape, let's film some sometime...I'm leaving this week but back in a few weeks and we'll talk about the Farm Sanctuary event soon too.

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