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Would you eat ... Breast-Milk Cheese- vegan?

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One of my friends and I were planning on making some homemade cheese from her excess breast milk, but we couldn't find a recipe that anyone had successfully completed. It seems to be very hard to curdle (vinegar and lemon juice don't do the trick) and would probably require a specific enzyme, like rennet, but from a human.

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well, i WAS eating breakfast... ha, ha. all of this sounds really gross.


i actually breastfeed currently and, i can only get about 30 oz a day, and that is considered above average. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? i see the families in my town who wander down the dairy isle... 4 lbs of cheese, 3 gallons of milk, a couple pints of cottage cheese, a tub of whip cream, a few cups of yogurt, maybe a tub of butter, and then if your lucky that is all that is on the "dairy" section of their grocery list. there is no way in heck nursing women could keep up with supply and demand. but of course there is always hormones, cloning, machinery to make pumping breast milk a lot faster and we could work around the clock, plus if you take our babies away from us when they are born, then you'd be rid of that 'little drag' on the production line. if and when we stop producing they can just kill us.... somehow i don't think that would go over so well. something gives me the hint that if you reversed the rolls and gave the milking jobs to humans and gave people a taste of their own medicine they suddenly wouldn't "need" dairy anymore.


seriously tho, i'm just joking around, but it's kind of really how it is for cows.

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