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Strainer for quinoa

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All my strainers with the exceptioin of a yogurt strainer are too big, that is to say that the holes are too big. The yogurt strainer works but is very small. I like to make a lot of quinoa and going back and forth to rinse out my bulk quinoa is a pain. Does anyone use a strainer for their bulk quinoa that is bigger then a yogurt stainer? If so then what is the name of the company that makes it? I will be looking on the internet also but so far have been unsuccessful.

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I use a small metal mess strainer I bought at an asian food store. A few quinoa pieces sneak through but otherwise it's ok. It's very small though so I can only rinse about 1/2 cup at a time.



that is what is happenning to me.


sometimes the soapy residue that protects from insects and birds, effects the time table on bathroom visits. If you know what I mean. Also I guess the bitter taste. Also I have no idea what is in the quinoa after being exposed to humans in a bulk bin. I rinse, soak overnight, rinse then cook.

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I use the wire ones you get in a pack at Walgreen's only a few seeds fall through.


Not all but some people perceive it to be very bitter.




Before cooking, the seeds must be rinsed to remove their bitter resin-like coating, which is called saponin. Quinoa is rinsed before it is packaged and sold, but it is best to rinse again at home before use to remove any of the powdery residue that may remain on the seeds. The presence of saponin is obvious by the production of a soapy looking "suds" when the seeds are swished in water. Placing quinoa in a strainer and rinsing thoroughly with water easily washes the saponin from the seeds. In South America the saponin which is removed from the quinoa is used as detergent for washing clothes and as an antiseptic to promote healing of skin injuries.

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Since quinoa has become popular in the US many distributors have begun washing it.


If you don't wash it and it tastes like soap, you got it from an old school supplier.



There's no school like old school.


yeah Joe definately that way, the stuff soaps up like noones business. put some in a tupperware container, water, cover shake, instant clothes washer water.

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