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Rise Up, Vegan Republicans!

Vegan Joe

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Cultural anecdote one: Talk show host Sean Hannity says no real conservative would ever wear sandals or flip flops. Conservatives can wear boat shoes or sneakers, but not sandals or flip flops.


Cultural anecdote two: "You can be a Republican who eats a vegan diet, but you can't be a vegan and a Republican. Vegans value the sanctity of life, which is in conflict with Republican values." So said a poster named Bart on vegsource.com. Bart was adding to his thread called "vegan ideas and info are a threat to corporations, hence a threat to the GOP, hence Bush allows spying on vegans."


I hadn't noticed spy cams at my local Whole Foods in Los Altos, Calif., so I will be sure to glance up next time I'm inspecting the arugula. President Bush's successor, we know, is both pro-arugula and pro-Patriot act. Surely that conflict is cleaving President Obama's very soul. Bart could be right; the spy cams might still be up there.


Confession: I'm a Republican flip flop wearer (Hawaiian Pros) who has morphed into ...

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Vegans value the sanctity of life, which is in conflict with Republican values."


That statement is so bizarre. I wonder if he is only against the Republicans, or if he also dislikes the Democrats as well for being pro-corporate, anti-"sanctity-of-life."


Confession: I am not a Republican, but I do consider myself a conservative (well, sort of). More of the "red Tory" type. I used to joke that I was an anarcho-tsarist. I believe in respecting all living beings, but I don't think any political party has a monopoly on trampling on life.

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