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My book is in production and comes out in April


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Hey everyone,


I haven't been on the forum much the past few months, just a few posts here and there every few days. I have been working very hard on the editing process of my book, sometimes all day everyday.


Initially I finished back in July, 2009 and thought it would be out in the fall. It was 500 pages at that point. Then the editing process began and it proved to be a much longer process than anticipated! We dropped it down to a little over 200 pages and I still thought it would be out by the fall and surely by winter 2009, but we kept refining it as I worked one on one with an editor to improve it.


For the past few months I've been working really hard fine-tuning it and pulling out material to be used for another book that didn't quite flow the rest of the book, while re-writing other areas and adding additional information that wasn't in the first few drafts. I've been reviewing it, placing all the photos, and getting it print-ready for months.


Now, I can finally say that my book has been officially submitted for print. I finished it the day I turned 30, and submitted it two the printers two days later. It is in production right now and is officially scheduled to be out by April 10th. I will continue to provide updates, but I think it will be pretty smooth from here on out over the next month.


You can still pre-order if you're interested and save $3 by visiting www.veganbodybuildingbook.com - Everyone who has ordered already and those who order later on will all get Vega product samples since I had a proposal approved to have them sponsor my year-long book tour.


The book will go up to the regular price in a few weeks when it comes out.


Thanks so much to all of you who have supported the book, ordered the book, and for passing out postcards, posting links, etc. promoting the book. It means so much!


I started writing this Vegan Bodybuilding themed book back in 2003, started over in 2005, and started over on page 1 from scratch in 2008 and that book is now complete.


All the best everyone! Read samples, previews, etc. on www.veganbodybuildingbook.com.


If you're interested in having me come to your town on tour, please let me know. I'm booking my own tour and getting it funded to ensure it is highly successful.


Thank you all.



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Thanks Dan. Long process, but a very rewarding one....glad to have it off to print!


The book is about a lot of aspects of Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness.


Here is a look at the Table of Contents:


Table of contents




1. Why vegan?


2. Beginning Bodybuilding – How to get started in bodybuilding and achieve results


3. How to create a successful nutrition program


-Mass-Building nutrition programs


-Fat-Burning nutrition programs


-Pre-Contest nutrition programs


-Maintenance nutrition programs


-Raw Food vegan bodybuilding


4. How to create a successful training program


5. The most important lessons to be learned and followed in bodybuilding


6. Where do you get your protein?


7. Choosing the exercises that yield the best results


8. Turning your bodybuilding success into a form of activism and outreach


9. How to market yourself to get sponsored


10. Supplementation – What to take and why


11. Turning your passion into a career


12. Lists of vegan equipment, products, services, and supplies for bodybuilders


13. The best of vegan living in North America – Top cities and restaurants


14. Testimonials from those who have been inspired by Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness


15. Final thoughts from the author



You can read samples, the introduction, and gather more info from:




In general, it is designed to be an inspirational resource for those interested in plant-based diet and exercise programs while turning their passion for those areas into effective activism, outreach and even a career.


Thanks for checking it out!

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