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Thoughts about the 2010 Arnold Classic?

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Anyone have any thoughts about the Arnold Classic?


I worked the show but didn't watch the contest. It's more expensive to live in LA than Portland so no extra spending for me


Didn't buy a single thing at the expo....only food throughout the weekend.


Thoughts on the results?

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Kai won, Phil was 2nd, Branch 3rd and Dexter 4th.


I think I got that right.


I saw Phil the next day and was like .....Damn!


He was shredded and huge!


He is one of the only top guys I don't know much about and haven't spent much, or any time with. I did sit next to his family at the 08 Olympia and they were very sweet. Very nice people.


And he's best buddies with Jay, so I know he's a cool guy

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Group pic I found online today on FB of our BB.com crew. I'm in the back with the glasses. Arnold came by to pose for this pic:



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