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If you've never ordered from VeganProteins.com before, but want to try some samples of what we carry, send me a PM and I'll send you a a little bonus pack so you can try it out. I know some of the products can be too spendy to buy them without seeing if you like them first, so I want to let people try the products first. Preferably I'd like to keep this to U.S. residents only, just for the shipping costs. But if you are in another country and REALLY want to try something in particular, PM me and i'll see what I can work out for you!

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Great to see new members here! Not sure if it is a limited access thing like you have to have X amount of posts....I don't think so actually.....I think you can just look for the PM link at the bottom of her post....it should be there under the bottom of every post...or click on her profile and from there send a PM, which is private message.


Or go to your own inbox and "send" an email and type in her name, thendanisays


That should do it.





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