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thanks nobbi!

my nutrition, well....it is a little bit better now, but stillt not enough calories and protein. have to concentrate more on my eating-exercises


Don't forget to concentrate also on your training. EAT IRON! I was focusing on my nutrition for a while too intensive, but lost my motivation for training and gained too much fat. Now, I am back to my old eating habits, which works best for me and I will increase the intensity of my workout sessions again. I will send you some 'embarrissing' pics of myself. You are not the only one with body 'problems'.



i'll do my best, haha dude this is so funny! you eat too much and skip trainings and i train all the time and skip eating

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crunches x10

30 push-ups


barbell bench press 22x8x2; 24,5x8x2

barbell bent over row 7x8x3 <- is there a good alternative to this exercise?

squats 22x8x2 24,5x8x1

another 20 push-ups



comments and criticism always welcomed

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barbell bent over row 7x8x3 <- is there a good alternative to this exercise?



It depends on what you mean by alternative, though. Any rowing movement develops the back. Barbell row is among the top 3 movements for back - pull ups and deads being the other two.

There is no single exercise that has the same impact on strength, back width and depth as barbell row.


Why do you want to exchange it anyway???

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barbell bench press 22x8x2; 24,5x8x2 26x8x2 32x4x2 new personal best woohooo


today i just wanted to see how much i can bench, the day after tomorrow i'll continue with my regular routine. i guess tomorrow my arms and chest will sore like hell

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barbell bench press 22x8x2; 27x8x2< 32x4x2

barbell bent over row 7x8x1 9,5x8x2

squats 22x8x2 27x8x1

3 pull-ups



i skipped the pushups and noticed that i can lift far heavier weights

is it a good idea to keep it like that?

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Personally, I like to mix things up. For example, you could try doing pushups every other workout and focus on throwing up more weights on the days you skip pushups. Or do pushups at the beginning of the workout sometimes, and do them last other times. A lot of weightlifters don't even bother with pushups, but I like them because you can do them anywhere and there are so many variations (i.e. fingertip pushups, tricep pushups, ball pushups, one arm pushups, etc)


Nice work on increasing your max pullups!

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would working out each day make sense?


suggestions always are always welcome


Working out every day works well for me. Although I'm always experimenting around a lot to get the best results. I've also tried working out only 1 or 2 times a week, and routines that go 3 to 4 times a week.


If you do want to try working out every day, you could do something like:


Day 1 - bench press

Day 2 - deadlift

Day 3 - pullups

Day 4 - crunches

Day 5 - shoulder press

Day 6 - squats

Day 7 - rows


And do as many reps of the exercise as you can that day (I usually do some AM sets right after waking up, and some PM sets not long before bedtime). That style of working out works for me, it might work for you. The only way to find out is to give it a try

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thanks will!

i thought about it and i came to the following problem:

the good thing about working out every day is that you can split the respective exercises so you can concentrate on one or two exercises every day which allows you to increase the weights more (and use heavier weights) than with working out every second day. but that results in more muscle-ache so that it will influence you workout on the next day negatively. therefore you have to sort your exercises into legs/arms/shoulders etc.

i think that would work, but i'm not sure whether i posess enough "core strength" like daywalker said. remember, i'm still as skinny an average girl

oh well, i hope that text makes sense to you

good night!

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Yeah I know what you mean. When I first started working out and my main goal was bulking I was working out 3 days a week: one day of push exercises (chest, shoulders), one day of pull (back, biceps), and one day of lower body (squats, deads, calves). This worked well for me in terms of gaining weight. The 7 day a week workout has been better for maintaining weight while gaining strength, endurance, and coordination.

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Everyday workout will probably be too much considering your goal of gaining weight.

Every other day consistently is better. Don't split yet, do full body moves, only squats, deadlifts, bench and pull ups. Not more. 2 sets each. Not more. Try to do one rep more each workout, even if you need to do an extra set for that one rep.



Pull ups:

Monday: 2, 1

Wednesday: 2, 2

Friday: 2, 2, 1

Sunday: 3, 2

Tuesday: 3, 2, 1

Thursday: 3, 3

Saturday: 3, 3, 1

Monday: 4, 3


And don't forget to eat


Good luck,


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okido, then i´ll better stick to my current routine, thanks for your comments will and daywalker! in the last weeks i could increase most weights clearly apart from the pull-ups which are my worst exercise at the moment - but i´m sure that will be history soon.

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