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crunches x 10

barbell bench press 22x8x1; 24,5x8x1; 27x8x1 29,5x8x1; 34,5x8x1 (damn, that was tough! but new personal best, yay!)

barbell bent over row 9,5x8x1 12x8x1 14,5x8x1 tougher than i thought!

squats 22x8x2 27x8x1

5 pull-ups (hey, that workout was tough )


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i recognized that my chest has grown bigger, so did my trizeps and my abs.

it`s hard to take a photo of my back, but slowly there are also some muscles showing up, yay!

i wonder if it would be okay to add biceps curls to my routine because i think my biceps is still very weak.

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crunches x 15

barbell bench press 24,5x8x2; 29,5x8x2; 34,5x8x2

barbell bent over row 9,5x8x2 12x8x2 14,5x8x2

squats 22x8x2 27x8x2

8 pull-ups



i did every exercise with 2 sets before increasing the weight today, that workout was quite intense. i fear i will suffer from evil muscle-ache tomorrow

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