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40 pushups (i do them on my fists from now on)


crunches/situps : 35


barbell military press: 12x8x2 14x8x2 15,5x8x2 it's hard to improve with this exercise.....


deadlifts 27x8x2 added weight to this one and everything went fine


pull-ups: 1x3, 1x3, 1x2, 1x1, 1x1 i try to do bigger sets.....

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would it be a good idea to add bizeps curls to my workout?



I don't think they would do much good except impairing your biceps regeneration - the pulling and rowing movements should be enough. Concentrate on getting stronger on those! Your biceps will be bigger when you row three times the weight you row now!



Having said that, if you really want to add curls, you might add ONE set, just for mental soothing I guess it wouldn't hurt too much.

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my only advice to you is to start eating big. not sure what your goals are, but if you are looking to go up a size or two, start adding 500-1000 calories a day to your diet. you will get bigger and stronger than you ever thought possible. looks like your body will naturally be muscular, so feed the flames.

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situps 30

pushups 40

barbell military press: 12x8x2 14,5x8x2

pull-ups: 6


only an easy workout today....


thanks for the suggestion, wannalift. i'm trying to eat over 3000kcal a day, but sometimes this is quite hard. it's good that the contest is pending, so i have some extra motivation

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