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Hi, how is everyone? You can call me J. I was registered here a couple years ago but lost my login. When I first came to the site I got a lot of help to get back into lifting. I was always thin but not until I was vegan did people start thinking it was a problem, beforehand it was you're so lucky to be so skinny and eat whatever. I started out at about 118 at 5'9 and lifted for a few month going up to 132 and then stopped abruptly when my dog got very ill and focused on that. About 9 months went by before I touched a weight and I dropped below 115lbs. I started up again went from 115 to 151 in 10 months. A little past a year and I was nearing 160 but with all that bulking came a bit much of belly fat, so I switched over to some circuit training for a month and went back down to around 150 and started to see my abs better. I would love to see the full 6 pack that I have earned and know is there but I dont want to lose any more muscle and weight in other areas for now. I am sticking at my weight and hoping to gain some more first before cutting again.

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