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Where do you go running/cycling?


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Thought it would be a fun thread, just post pictures of places you usually go running or cycling.


Whenever I want a quick run:


It's an artwork by local artist Guido Heuer, it's a tamarindo sprout pointing downtown. It's about 20min from my house.


Whenever I wanna run my brains out:


Ramiro Ruediger Park, about 40min away from home, it also has a 2km track.


When I miss the capybaras:


Beira-Rio Avenue, downtown. Jogging there back and forth takes up to two hours. When the river level is low you can run on the little sidewalk next to the water. There are tons of capybaras on the grass, and they're quite used to runners, also no fumes at all, the whole thing is just zen.


So, anyone?

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Normally I go running around Lake Padden, a nice hilly 2.6 mile loop with lots of runners




Once inside the forest, It's cool and quiet




But once in a while, I have to watch out for these guys..




They certainly add a spring to the step!

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