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Portland Body Builders Union?

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No worries! Wish i could say it was mine, but I was able to play it for 4 hours at a house show.......


In regards to group workouts, since not all are big box gym(or contractual gym members) would it be easy to do occasional lifts at Loprinzi's since they allow unlimited day passes? I my self used to work out there but am up at ME Fitness on MLK and Alberta, after moving to NE, which too has 24 hour access.

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Yeah, we used to do regular PDX forum member meet-ups but haven't done quite as many lately. A bunch of the key people involved in the organization of the meet-ups moved away or lost interest. Looks like it's time to bring it back!

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I've seen everyone in Portland who posted in this thread the past week. That is a good sign! That is:




Lean and Green



Also seen Ed, Lisa, Dani and others.


So we have a solid Portland TEAM again!


Mikkei...would you be interested in hosting a LEG DAY at your place sometime? We can carpool out there, have some cameras rolling and train then get some food and hang out, etc.


I leave soon, only here a bit in Feb then on the road but would love to hammer one of those meet-ups out before I go. Let me know.

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