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flavoring beyond soy sauce

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i found some recipes for tvp as a ground beef mock, and all of them sound pretty yummy but they are a little obsessed with using soy sauce as a seasoning. i don't mind soy sauce, but my hubby and kids hate it, and it's really not good for you anyway. talk about sodium overload! what else can i use to season mock beef that is vegan-friendly and readily available as well. i don't even really care if it resembles the taste of beef either, just want something tasty!

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I like to use a chilli sauce with tvp, along with other things, tomato puree, spices, stock cubes, gravy granules, BBQ sauce, nutritional yeast flakes, yeast extract... usually a combination of all of them! And also a bit of soy sauce, but I try not to use too much because of sodium

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