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First off my name is David, Im 25, live in Texas, Im 5'9" at 305 pounds. Im not a butterball tho, I do have a lot of muscle mass on me, I know a lot of fat people say that, but I really do. When I was 18 I went from 285 to 183 for the military on the atkins diet, hated the diet but loved what it did for me. But then I was denied getting in and I stopped doing cardio. I had a lot of anger and my brother suggested lifting weights. So I did that religiously, never really dieted for it and rarely took supplements, but I gained a bunch of muscle mass very quickly. When I was 183 I looked like an averaged sized lazy kid, even tho I did a lot of cardio. But when I started lifting like I said I gained a lot real fast. But because I also stopped doing cardio I slowly started gaining the fat back. I only lifted for about 9 months tho. Then I got hurt and had to stop and for whatever reason I never lifted again.


Now Im 25, 7 years have passed and Im up to 305 pounds, the freaky thing is that I never lost any of my muscle mass, not even the hardness of it. Like my muscles arent soft, even tho I dont have a physically demanding job and Im lazy as hell. Ive finally reached the point in my life where I fully realize what Ive done to myself and I very badly want to change for good. About a year ago I went full vegan for 2 weeks and dropped 15 pounds. I dont even know why I tried it out, I just woke up and did it, and it wasnt hard for me or anything. My skin cleared up, usually I had breakouts and my skin is real fair and Id have like red blotchy patches spread out, but that cleared up too. So anyways, Ive decided that I felt great and started to look great when I was vegan, so Im going to do it again, this time for good. Hopefully I can learn some things while Im here, I do plan on posting before and after pics, but it'll be only when I have after pics to post with the before.

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