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BlueRose's diet/exercise diary of Les Mills Combat!

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Thursday: Turbo Jam's Fat Burner, Hip Hop Abs Hips/Buns/Thighs, P90X's Kenpo X, 500 squats

Friday: Push Circuit 2, Fire 30, 500 squats, 2 hours cleaning


Yes, I joined up with a fitness "dare" to do 500 squats daily from Monday until yesterday! Lost an inch in my thighs, lol

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Saturday: Two hours cleaning, Burn Intervals and Extreme Abs

Sunday: Cleaned for two hours, walked 4 miles in an hour.

Monday: ‎5.5 mile walk, Push Circuit 3, 300 squats

Tuesday: 4 mile walk in an hour! Plus 200 squats

Wednesday: ‎1 hr walk, 4 miles

Thursday: ‎1 hr walk, 4 miles

Friday: 200 squats so far, but the day is young!


Went to physical therapy last night, found out that I have patellar tendonitis, aka Jumper's Knee...wheeee. So taking it easy on the plyo for now, will do other forms of cardio, stretching, weight training.

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Sat: 10 mile walk

Sun: 10.5 mile walk

Mon: 7 mile walk, 300 squats

Tues: 7 mile walk, 400 squats

Wed: 9 mile walk


Tonight is physical therapy for my knee plus more walking! Also hoping to get in a CLX routine since I've been off of it most of the week due to...well, all of the walking. XD

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Thursday: PT appt, WIPED, crashed.

Fri: 11 miles

Sat: 16 miles

Sun: 5.5 miles (ran out of time)


Tonight I plan to get lots of walking in too!


And yes, this is all in prep for the Avon Walk...the Avon Foundation is vegan friendly, Humane Seal approved...I know Avon isn't, but the Avon Foundation is a separate organization from them.


Please donate if you can!! Still haven't made my min fundraising pledge and could use every ounce of generous support I can get.



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Monday: 10.5 miles

Tuesday: 11 miles

Wednesday: 10 miles


Not sure what tonight will be, undoubtedly around 10-12 miles as is the usual on a weekday.


Fri and Sat are forced off days since I'll be out of town hanging with the parental units, who plan to feed me eggplant parm using Daiya and chocolate cake for my birthday. Sunday I plan to walk up a storm when I return!!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Tuesday: 13.1 miles

Wednesday: 8.5 miles

Thursday: ran a mile in under 12, walked a mile

Friday: 6.5 miles

Sat: 12 miles

Sun: 17 miles

Monday: 10.5 miles

Tuesday: rest day (sorta), cleaned for four hours

Wednesday: REAL rest day, no workouts for me, crashed early

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You know you are committed to training when you have to schedule "forced" rest days. N.I.C.E!


Ohh yeah! And thanks! And just for that added discipline, currently doing a 21 day cleanse/detox where I don't workout. This. Is. CHALLENGING. I miss running... D:

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I haven't updated in a while, wow! I'm now on day 17 of 21 of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset, and my body is ever so much happier without wheat, wow.


I also took my P90X certification workshop, and passed my practical and written...I'm now P90X certified! I'll be able to teach classes and everything.


I start P90X2 the Tuesday after this coming plus will be training for two 5Ks in July and a 10K in Sept.

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Okay, final stats post Ultimate Reset:


Weight: -5lbs

Waist: -1.5"

Hips: -1.5"

Thigh: -1"


Just started P90X2 last night, it's awesome!


Got back from the Beachbody coach gathering in Vegas very early Monday morning. I had the chance to work out live with Tony Horton, Dr Mark Cheng, Shaun T, and Leandro Carvalho. It kicked ASS. I got to fist bump Tony Horton, woooo! He's a great guy, very nice and very funny.


Received my P90X certified dog tags and clothing, eagerly awaiting my certificate. That puppy's getting framed, just gotta figure out where to hang it.

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Yesterday I did Plyocide. I keep getting asked if the workout is tough as the workout sounds, and the answer is both yes and no. I'm finding that I'm far more capable of doing the exercises than I thought, but there are still in each of the P90X2 workouts some "reach" workouts where I don't think you're expected to be able to do them perfectly off the bat. I had to do very few modifications for the Plyocide, mainly due to necessity. I need more interlocking floor mats on my basement floor, it'll help with stability. Hard to do combo plyo-balance moves when things keep slipping under your feet. :-/ Great way to get injured, actually.


I'm also thinking of picking up Tai Cheng because I think it'll help with my knee. It's starting to get a bit "crunchy" again and I'm worried that the lovely tendonitis I had in it is returning. I iced it after the workout and thinking that strengthening the muscles around it would be a good idea. I was under doctor's orders last time to get some running in, and that shouldn't be too challenging...hopefully. Main issue with doubling up on workouts is always time, never ability. At least, not with me.

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X2 Recovery and Mobility last night, and I can say nothing but glowing things about this workout. The foam roller is pure brilliance. My shoulders are perpetually sore and tight, can we say "software engineer"? Knew you could...anyhow, I paused and spent a good extra half an hour on those alone, and plan to spend some additional time on the legs too. Seriously, if you're not pausing during that workout to spend LOTS of time with that foam roller, you're not doing it right.


What surprised me was Tony demonstrating that when you do the same exercises afterward how much better your balance was after the foam roller! I never would've thought that something like massaging muscles through the roller would aid with something like balance, I learn something new every day.


Tonight is X2 Total Body, we'll see what P90X2 brings to the table then!

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