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As HawaiiDolphin said that it all depends on the diet you are taking and the level of physical activity you do on daily basis. Obviously you will not be able to lose all that weight in just few days but as a rule of thumb, eat 500 less calories/day than what you need to maintain your weight. Roughly speaking, you need about 2500 calories to maintain your weight and decreasing your caloric intake to 2000 calories a day will be a good step forward.

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More chickpeas and rice, less bread and potatoes. Lots of vegetables and fruit. No sugar.

Training training training - get to train at least 4 times a week. Don't kill yourself. It doesn't matter how hard you train, it matters how often you train. When you train, try to ignite your body - you know, that burning feeling. Breathe! Lots of cardio.

Hope that helps:)

And make sure you enjoy your training!

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