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Sophia Gabrielle arrived 7 weeks early and breathing totally on her own at 5 lbs 5 ozs on March 7th. This was the absolute hardest labor I have had and they called for a C section, moved me to the operating room, I was totally numbed and then the little one finally moved her hand (which was over her head) allowing for a "normal" delivery. Unfortunately she got stuck and came out looking like a prize fighter covered in bruises (poor dear). She spent just over a week in the Neonatal Hospital Unit with jaundice and managed to catch the 24hr virus I had which put me into labor. She is home and doing well! All that and I would do it a million times over


Like her mother she is very fair skined, born a strawberry blond and her eyes are staying blue. I think she'll fit right in


In neonatal unit day of delivery (bruised):



chillin' ..... came home from hospital with a massive diaper rash, so went diaper free for a bit.





First bath after cord fell off.



Easter Sunday , getting big already and sleeps sprawled out.



Time to start my training log again

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Ya! I love her little cardigan! omg so cute!


She is adorable!

Glad you're both doing well. I'm wishing you both a happy, healthy postpartum! You did good, Denise! You are so strong and such an inspiration. She's lucky to have a mama like you.



Welcome to the world, little vegan!


(All my kids had jaundice. No biggy, except none of them like to clean their rooms. I wonder if there's a relationship.)

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