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Denise Nicole (Seasiren) Postpartum

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The 6th (yes 6th) little one has arrived a bit early at 33 weeks weighing 5lbs 5 ozs. It has been a journey being on bed rest so long, then a very difficult delivery, running back and forth to the hospital every 3 hours for feedings for over a week and then finally having a new one at home. But well worth every second!


I have been released to start exercising so between feedings, running a household, running to activities (my teen Children's), running a business and on sleep deprivation, hopefully I'll inspire some new Mommies with a real life, achievable postpartum journal and not some fantasy plan someone wrote on how to get your body back (do these people have Nannies & chefs on hand .... come on!) and keep a good training log for my own reference.


The plan (and we all know what they say about best laid plans):

Slow and steady: I didn't get to this weight in a day and don't plan to lose it in a day either.

Listen to my body: not resting especially with little sleep or pushing too hard will sabotage my efforts



Weight loss: Back to weight by July-August

Comps: Back on the competition stage by March of 2011 (one year from birth of my daughter).


Post Pregnancy Stats:

Height: 5’6” –(yeah I gained an inch confirmed by 3 doctors, and two hospitals after they did that work on my spin over a year ago … go figure!)

Weight: 159.5 lbs - yeah for bed rest? ugh!

Waist: 39.5” (Doc did say uterus is still shrinking … so this will go down fairly quickly, but 6 babies later is taking longer than previous)

Chest: 38

Hips: 41

Thigh: 24.5


Ready … set … go!

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Hi Denise... You will surely inspire me


I sure do know about newborns, nursing and the attempt to keep time for yourself all while on not much sleep ....lol


I guess it is true the more pregnancies the faster they go. I can't believe I only have 4 more months to go.



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Wow! Thanks everyone


Due to severe sleep deprevation for a colicky baby, I was fitting in cardio when possible. Did not lift as being as tired as I was, it could result in injury. However, looks like I should be able to get more lifting sessions in now, so fingers crossed!


Little one still doing feedings every 2-3hrs and it takes an hour to get her fed and down. So this week averaged 3-4 hrs sleep with no chance of daytime napping. Love the weekend where I get a break and on Sat a nap! The key would be to eat really clean, but in reality I found I grab what is closest and requires no prep So this week if baby has others plans for us and I can not lift, I am preparing my food in advance as well as a meal plan. The hope being "no thought" eating. Because if I eat poorly not only am I defeating myself, I also feel badly and I really need proper nutrition, especially when tired!


Right now for supps. Multi, B-12, Vit C, Iron, Magnesium, BCAA, Glutamine & will add creatine when I can stay on schedule. PP are NitroFusion, Hemp70, SunWarrior and Soy.



30 min tread - I wanted 45 but baby said no, lol


Front Squats - 4 sets of 8

Squats - 4 sets -10-8-8-6

Walking Lunges - 4 sets

SLDL - 4 sets of 8

Seated Calves - 4 sets of 8

Standing Calves - 4 sets of 8


Putting my bench back together today, so can add extensions and curls next round.


My daughter plays boys lacrosse, so had a game today, they nicknamed her barbie brutal due to agression and how she could match up with the biggest opposing players. They won and remain undefeated.


Did train today ... will post later. I have a new diet strategy in mind. Will explain later. Also nix the back to weight by June/July. I'm at a happy weight and will be working on size and strength right now.

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30 min tread -wanted 45 but again baby started fussin at the 30min mark ....hmmm I'm sensing a pattern


Military Press -4 sets

Military Press Behind Neck-4 sets

Side Lats -4 sets

Reverse Flys -4 sets

DB Front Raises -3 sets

Shrugs -3 sets

Incline DB Curls -4 sets

EZ Bar Curls -3 sets

Concentration Curls -3 sets


Hoping for chest today!


Diet thus far:

water (of course)



Protein Shake 2 scoops Mocha NitroFusion

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I love the nickname Barbie Brutal

I found it amusing



Bench Press -4 sets

Incline Bench -4 sets

Wide Grip Bench -3 sets

Incline Flyes -4 sets

Decline Flyes -4 sets

Skull Crushers -4 sets

Overhead Tricep DB Press -3 sets

Bench Dips -3 sets


After: Protein Shake -2 scoops Banana Soy Protein

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Thank-you John V


Yesterday's diet ended up at 255g protein (about 1900 cal). I am fairly happy with it, but want a bit more protein. My poor excuse was how full I was. I also want a lot more veggies in there. When I am finished with my clients' programs I'll sit down and totally map this out for that no thought eating I was talking about.


Today's training was 30min tread followed by planks. This is the first ab exercise I have incorporated since becoming pregnant. It went surprisingly well.


Katie's Competitive Cheer Team tryout's are today .... fingers crossed!

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wow 255g protein!! I am aiming for 100-125 grams and trying to stay between 1200 and 1500 calories.......how do you do it?


I should by stock in PP I am aiming for strength and size. Will be going back into comp early 2011.


255g protein
Dang! This post made me up my intake.


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Yesterday was rest. Today:

Squats -4 sets

Extensions -4 sets

Walking Lunges -4 sets

SLDL -4 sets

Lying Leg Curls -4 sets

Seated Calves -3 sets

Standing Calves -3 sets

Crunches -3 sets

Reverse Crunches -3 sets


Have not hit my mark on protein. Yesterday I went to my little one's Doc appt, I did grab a PP shake before leaving, but DID NOT take anything with me (pre-preg I ALWAYS had extra PP on me "just in case"). I had a 2 hr wait to her appt, was in an hour, transferred to ultra sound and in total 5 hrs. What I did not say early as I did not want to jinx us, is that she was born with larger water pockets in the brain and looked like there could have been a bit of a bleed. Ultra Sound 2 shows no bleed but they did a measurement on the pockets with the correct tool (for infants). Yesterday's ultra sound was for a comparison. With a full work up, exam etc, she is completely fine and normal! Even though I knew she was maturing just fine (in fact right on schedule and in the 50% range even though she was 7 weeks early), you have no idea what a relief it is to hear it from the Neurologist


SO ... I won't beat myself up, but have made adjustments (protein on me at all times) and am on track today!

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Glad the checkup went okay.

I'm estatic!




Overhead Press -4 sets of 8

Overhead Press Behind Neck - 4 sets of 8

Lat Raises - 4 sets of 8

Upright Row -4 sets of 8

Rear Delts -4 sets

Front Raises - 4 sets of 8

Shrugs -4 sets of 8


On track for protein again today .... getting easier! I feel pretty good already and am dropping weight on the increased cals. I think my body likes it, and I imagine I will settle back into a weight zone soon. On the protein, I love NitroFusion.... it makes me feel really good and has been a fav of mine for some time. BUT .... it tastes horrid! lol


Hoping to get a bit of cardio in later.


Shopping today, My old size 2/3 are not happening (nor do I want them too as I am working on strength and size right now. And my stomach is coming down nicely, so I have 1 shirt, a pair of jeans borrowed from my daughter, 2 wo pants and various tees borrowed from my Fiance .... mostly biker. Needless to say it's quite sad! Not living on the beach anymore, I can't get away with beach and boardwalk wear any longer since I'm over well over the mini skirt age. So will be interesting to see how I fair without coming out with something "too young" which makes me actually look rediculous and older, or the opposite, something my mother's generation is wearing. Trying for country clubbish (is thta really a style) for summer, I have no clue! Where are the what not to wear people when you need them! lol

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Quick rundown while I have a sec, between baby, family, sleep, train and client programs


Sat -cardio, Sun -weights, Mon -rest


45 min tread AM

PM -4 sets of 8 each


Bench Press

Bent Over Rows

Wide Grip Pull-ups

Military Press


Clean eating and on track. Lifts are coming much easier and adding weight .... we have lift off! My body is remembering nicely, now just to get my strength back from where I left off and continue.


Katie got Teams! yay! I got a shirt .... yep took about 20 items in and got a (as in one) shirt, lol So still in search of clothing that fits, doesn't make me look old (meaning wearing items too young for me), etc. *sigh*

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