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Denise Nicole (Seasiren) Postpartum

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Wow thanks everyone


Time to get down and dirty. If you recall, I was on bed rest during the pregnancy which meant some backtracking on things (all for a wonderful reason though) I feel my cardio is up to speed now, I can lift without getting abnormally out of breath, jog a couple miles normally. So onto comp training. With the intensity of the lifting program, my heart rate will be up nicely I will not be incorporating cardio until I need to cut.



3 sets of 12


Leg Ext


Lying Leg Curls


calf circuit


Standing BB Curl

Tricep Push Downs

Preacher Curls

OH Tri Ext


I leave Friday for MD to visit Mom since she has not seen my new little one yet. If I can find a sitter I'll be training in a gym down there to continue progress. Some very sweet friends have offered me free passes for my stay .... so will not say no!

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3 sets of 12

Flat Bench Press

Incline Bench Press

DB Flies

BO Rows

DB Pullover

Good Mornings

Military Press

DB Lat Raises


Still eating clean. It's amazing how easy it comes now, no cravings.


Lil one is doing wonderful! Got to go back to work soon and back to school in the Fall .... 'cause I need more on my plate, lol jk.... "Money can't buy happiness, but it can make you awfully comfortable while you're being miserable"

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I took a trip to Mom & Dad's in Maryland so they could meet their new granddaughter, so have been away for a bit. Now back in Michigan and rushing around doing last minute things for the wedding on Saturday. We decided we didn't care for the rings so we ordered in new ones coming via air. I don't see how that could possible go wrong with the wedding on Saturday


It took ALOT of mental control not to veer from the plan and become a cardio bunny to tryfit in a dress size pre-preg weight just because I want to look skinny on my wedding day (hey he is marrying me, so he gets me when I am building muscle, hee hee)! So still intaking calories, lots of protein and lifting heavy. Cardio is rare and only then it's a moderate pace at 20min.


What have I noticed? I am becoming much stronger than I have ever been. I'm very happy with this. My Fiance restores classic cars and hot rods, so on occassion he needs a second set of hands assisting or moving things like motors, hoods, car parts etc. I'm not sure I could have done it before. I was helping move stuff yesterday off a classic camero (sweet as heck!) and noticed how easy it was ..... even lifting and holding steady at an awkward height while final bolts were being removed.


With the lifting I could see how strong man type training would be very beneficial.


Anyhow, that being said, I have dropped more fat% (and thus some weight ... about another 5lbs). Since I am not doing cardio per se or cutting cals and am stronger .... I'm on track. If I start to drop weight quickly OR begin to lose strength, I'll up cals further.



Today: 3 sets of 8 reps

BO BB Rows

T-B Rows

Good Mornings

BB Curls

Hammer Curls

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Thank you for all the congrats


Well I married my best friend and the love of my life on Saturday


We originally were going to just go to the Justice of the Peace as we felt our finances were better put to investing in our future. But we decided last minute to book a small chapel and have a minister as the officiator for the wedding. Our children were present and stood up with us, with the exception of my oldest son who could not fly out for the wedding but sent his best wishes (he is in college and living in MD).


My now husband surprised me by flying out my daughter, who was also in college in MD. How he pulled it off without me knowing until she was standing in front of me is beyond me!


Anyhow, here is a couple of pics from the chapel:





My eldest daughter decided to stay permanently and is transferring to a Michigan college. So I am thrilled! That being said, that means we have 6 children living with us from ages 17 - 4mo. A challenge in organization is pretty well the course now.


Now back to it:

4 sets of 8 reps

DB Flat Bench Press

DB Flyes

DB Shoulder Press

DB Upright Rows

3 sets of 12

DB Side Lats


My lil one has suddenly become a light sleeper and since my tread is in my bedroom it wakes her up. Though not ideal, any tread will have to be done in the evenings when her daddy is home. But then again, this log isn't about ideal it's about reality with 6 kid's one of which is an infant.


On another note, I seemed to have developed Carpel Tunnel since the pregnancy which apparently is common. I have been fighting the thought and hoping it would just disappear .... who wants to be a whiner??? It has kept me up a few nights now and can be out and out painful, and aggravating as all heck. I'll have to figure out how to deal. I don't like popping medication, so something alternative to that (or maybe it will just go away if I wish hard enough )

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You and your whole family look so beautiful! And I love that one of the girls is wearing sports shoes with her dress.. I always detested the shoes people made me wear on weddings and such.. So it's great to see that those kind of shoes are accepted as well on a wedding for a change

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Thank you for the congrats!


That is my eldest daughter (18 next month). I was lucky to get her in a dress, lol


Back to the reality of trying to squeeze in training between baby naps. I'm going over to a six day split .... if I can't devote the time I need I have to train smarter.



Lying Curls -wu, 3 sets of 6, drop weight to failure

DL -3 sets of 6

Standing Single Leg Curls - 1 set to failure

SLDL - 2 sets of 6


Baby began her scream at the first set. My eldest was kind enough to entertain her until I was finished.


I'm logging my weight finally and was WAY off what I thought I could handle. I wanted my biggest weight hoping for 6 reps (didn’t want to be able to get even one more). Turns out I need a lot more weight! That’s a good thing …. So bumping next time.


On another note, the heat has been unbearable. The house’s temp reaches mid 80’s during the day and all the way down to 80-82 at night. Lol The humidity is relentless. Making it nearly impossible to sleep. The fans just push around the hot air ….. does not seem that Michigan homes were built with high temps in mind.

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Late training but I got it in:

Incline DB Presses 3 sets of 6 reps

Flat Bench DB Presses 2 sets 6 reps

Dips 2 sets BW to failure

DB Pullovers 2 sets of 12


Hams are sore from yesterday (YESSSS ) Today's training was supposed to be with BB, but somehow in the home renovation my barbell has been moved. I'm sure it ended up in the garage or basement temporarily, but I did not have time to go searching since I am still training between baby naps. So dumbbells it was. I didn't feel as if I got as much out of it and will be sure to locate said barbell tomorrow.


Also, I am supposed to work in abs and calves every other day ... didn't happen as baby woke. Next time for sure even if I have to split the training up for now.


Food comes with no thought to it once again which is so nice finally. And of course the more I train and eat properly on schedule the better (and stronger) I feel .... now that is how I remember it being pre-preg!

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