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My Book is out now!!!


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Hey everyone!


This is a mass email that goes to all the members of the Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness forum on www.veganbodybuilding.com/phpBB2 - Thanks for being part of our community!


I have very exciting news that has been a long time coming........


My Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness Book was released on April 7, 2010! It is super exciting! I am so pleased with how the 318-page book turned out!


I dedicated to the book to YOU, the forum community, as you'll see in the opening pages of the book.


Many of you have already pre-ordered and your book will be shipped out this week on either Monday, Tues or Wed. There are hundreds of books to ship and I'll ship them based on the order of when the books were purchased. Thank you all sooooooooo much!


If you haven't ordered and would like to, the book is still on a $3 OFF pre-order discount for another 12-24 hours, depending on when my website guy makes the change. Feel free to order if you'd like a copy. I know you'll like it and it means so much to me.


You can now also order from a few other stores too, including Vegan Essentials, Vegan Proteins, Food Fight, Herbivore, etc. Just check their websites or email them if they don't have it up on their site yet...it literally came out 72 hours ago and those stores were the first to pick it up.


For a quick summary about the book read below.


Thank you again so very, very much!


You rock!


You helped make this possible!


I wanted to be an author for 22 years, and this week, with your help, I made it happen.


All the BEST


Robert Cheeke




Champion Vegan Bodybuilder Robert Cheeke writes about the vegan bodybuilding & fitness lifestyle from a very unique perspective. As someone who grew up on a farm and embraced the vegan lifestyle as a teenager, Robert has an unlikely success story. Going from the smallest kid in his class in school growing up to becoming an elite athlete and a 2-time champion bodybuilder, Robert shares the most important strategies and tips for success on a vegan diet in athletics. Some of the themes throughout the book include why vegan, beginning bodybuilding, how to create a successful nutrition program, how to create a successful training program, how to market yourself to get sponsored and how to turn your passion into a career. This book is great for men, women, athletes and non athletes and isn’t just for vegans. This book is for anyone who wants to be at their best and Robert explains exactly how to do that based on the foods you eat, the exercises you do, and the consistency and accountability that is necessary for achievement. A highly motivating and entertaining book with more than 100 photos, 50 meal programs, comprehensive lists of exercises, and so much more, the Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness Book by Robert Cheeke is sure to inspire anyone. Visit www.veganbodybuildingbook.com for ordering information.



Celebrating the release of my book in Seattle with one of my best friends Ravi Raman who really helped inspire this book and 2 other books I wrote. www.sethigherstandards.com




Signing books at the Seattle Vegetarian Festival




With the owner of Food Fight! in Portland, OR - www.foodfightgrocery.com




Signing books at Herbivore in Portland, OR - www.herbivoreclothing.com





Photos courtesy of the lovely Whitney Lauritsen at www.ecovegangal.com - She is out on tour with me in the Pacific Northwest at the moment.


With Whitney at the Seattle VegFest


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Some books are already in the mail, all others are being sent out within 72 hours. Check your mail...your pre-ordered book is on the way, or will be asap. It came out 48 hours before the 3rd largest Vegetarian Festival in the Country, so I made the trip up to Seattle for a Book Launch and the reception has been amazing!


I'm sure you'll all enjoy the book just as much as the people who saw it today.


Thanks again...your support has meant the world to me over these years and especially during this long 15-month writing process!


You Rock!



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I'm having so much fun!


I'm signed 50-100 but will sign over 100 just today, I have about 450 more to ship by Wed, and I'll sign all of those and then sign them all as they come in.


Back to work.....I have books to ship!


Thanks for all the GREAT support!

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More fun photos today (posted on FB of me at the post office) saw familiar names including MaryStella in the list of books that got shipped out today.


So fun to send these out and so fun to see the names of forum members! Wooohoo!

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Almost ALL of the pre-ordered and recently ordered books have been shipped out! It has taken so much work to do this, sometimes shipping over 200 in a day, dozens other days, as many as I can prepare.


Thanks again everyone for your patience. 85% of all ordered books have been shipped and the others will be shortly, more going out tomorrow.


If you haven't ordered and want to....NOW is a good time, per this incentive: http://bit.ly/bvmQRn




According to Vegan Essentials who pre-ordered and received dozens of copies when it first came out, my book is the fastest selling book they've carried since Veganomicon came out!!!!!

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Thanks so much Tuc!


Got your order and just sent you an email. Hooking you up with tons of extras per my incentive program I'm doing which helps me fund my 4th printing of the book.


Thanks man, I really, really appreciate it!



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