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5x5 implemented into a 4 day split

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Anyone doing this?


I am thinking about trying to go back to a 4 day split. Right now I'm doing a 5x5 program which is 3 days. I enjoy the 5x5 but I am thinking that a 4 day split will work better for me.


My question is how would you incorporate a 4 day with more compound lifts. Most 4 day splits seem to use alot more isolation it seems rather than compound. For me working out a muscle group once per week doesn't show the results I am looking for I need twice a week per group it seems.

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I used to do the Bill Star 5x5 which is great for beginners, but not so good for intermediates. I moved on to Jim Wendler's 5 / 3 / 1, which is four days a week instead of three. You can check it out in my log, but to briefly explain, each of the four days focuses on a compound lift. Day One is Standing Overhead Press day, Day Two is Deadlift Day, Day Three is Bench Day, and Day Four is Squat day. Each training day you do the compound lift first, then the rest is all assistance and you can choose whatever lifts you think will help you see bigger strength gains in the four main compound lifts. What is your goal, though? Mine is just strength gains, it has nothing to do with appearance. Is that also what you're looking for? If you're already in the intermediate stage, you may not see as great of gains in anything anymore, and it isn't as helpful to do the same compound lift twice in the same week. I'm no expert, though.

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