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Julia's progress

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Sadly lost some definition in my arms I think (from when the pic was taken to now), and gained some fat on my belly because I've been so lazy last month, but I'm getting back to being more active now..

Can you find a workout partner? It is easier to stay motivated that way, if you have someone to push you.

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Can you find a workout partner? It is easier to stay motivated that way, if you have someone to push you.


I've been thinking about that as well. However I'm the only person I know (outside of this forum ), that wants to gain muscle mass as a female. Everybody else just wants to be as slim as possible..

But I feel like I just needed the one-month "break"/inconsistency, and am now ready to start over

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I'm so happy about my tummy today (being more active the last few days and eating cleaner/less really has paid off!)

I just need to share pics because I'm so happy that I'm finally fitting into my size 4 pants without having love handles..



I've almost reached my goals considering my tummy, so I'll start to concentrate on my arms and back more (goal = more muscular) Lots of pull ups and push ups.. Will post pictures when I see results


[weight: about the same as end of June: 121-124 lbs, but I think there's a difference in how much of that weight is made up by muscles/fat (feel more muscular, less "fat" now)]

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It's funny though.. I've been doing hardly anything for over a month, and have just gotten back to being more motivated the last 2 weeks or so, and still.. I'm nowhere close to how much I did in the summer.. And still I feel great and also am more than happy with the results

So maybe a follow-your-heart moderate kind of training is what works best for me..

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Wow, I haven't been on this forum for a very long time. And gave up sports and eating healthy at some point, until I was back at 145 lbs. I finally got my motivation back and have been working hard on gaining strength and losing fat since December. I'm down to 130 lbs, would like to lose a bit more fat, but gain strength. In general I try not to care about the weight too much, as long as I'm feeling strong and keep the tummy roll under control


My workout lately has been mostly running/jogging (ran 5.5 miles for the first time in my LIFE a couple of weeks ago That felt amazing!), inline skating, cycling and all kinds of gym classes. And the occasional push ups, pull ups and crunches. I want to get back into body weight exercises a bit more, and I'm thinking about doing something entirely new, maybe martial arts.


December 2011:


May 2012:



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and another before/during:





I want to get back to where I was 2 years ago (or fitter), almost there

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Go you! Such an awesome thing that you've started....you're inspiring me to get back on the fitness board!

It does take a lot to get started but once you have there is no turning back.....you just feel & look so much better

Good luck & you know you can do it

Joss xx

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