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Chef Jose Andres: "The future is fruits and vegetables"

ronnie kray

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i was watching 60 Minutes last night waiting to see the Conan O'Brien interview, and there was this great story about Chef Jose Andres. i recognized him from an episode of No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain, so i was interested in what he had to say. a few minutes into the interview he started talking about how meat is boring, and explaining why he prefers fruits and vegetables to eat.


"I believe the future is vegetables and fruit."


"Let's compare a chicken breast, the best chicken breast from the best farm... with a beautiful pineapple. Cut the pineapple, already the aromas are inundating the entire kitchen, has acidity, a sour afternote, touches of passionfruit. The chicken breast.... it's okay."


"Meat is overrated. Meat to me is slightly boring. I love meat too, but only once in a while. You have a piece of meat and you put it in your mouth you chew the first five seconds all the juices flow around your mouth they're gone, and then you are 20 more seconds chewing something that is tasteless at this point... Something like this does not happen with a pineapple or an asparagus or a green pea."



here is the whole interview. it one thing to read it, but another to hear how passionately he describes the pineapple.


he is not vegan, and he was talking strictly from a taste point of view (not ethical or health reasons). but still, it was great to hear someone who isn't vegan talk so negative about meat and so enthusiatic about fruits and vegetables. since he is such a respected chef, maybe this will get into the heads of some hardcore meat eaters.

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