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No weight lifting training

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The gymnasticbodies forum has some good exercises - especially headstand and handstand press ups. You need to click on the forum link and then on another one. And dragondoor has quite a few articles on bodyweight training. For both sites, add w w w and .com to the name. I don't like giving clickable links to non-vegan sites.


Good luck.

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Whats your capabilities right now? Are you able to do full range of motion with pull-ups/chin-ups and push-ups? I'm asking because that opens a whole new area of what you can do to make the exercise that much more difficult. Take push-ups for example, you can do one arm push-ups, divebomber push-ups, handstand push-ups, depth push-ups (hands on phone books or cinder blocks), diamond, feet elevated and clapping are some good ones.

Pull-ups- side to side (pull more to your lefthand and lower the same way), typewritter (pull up to your left hand and when your up slide to your right hand and lower your self down, thats one rep), pull-up with both hands and do a negative with one hand, muslce ups, clapping pull-ups

Legs- squats, pistols, split squats, lunges, reverse lunges, lunge jumps, burpees, burpee broad jumps (like a normal burpee, but when you jump, you jump forward.

Beast skills and gymnastic bodies are very good resources too

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