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What would you like to win in prize give-aways?


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Hey everyone!


I just did a $100 value Vega prize package give away as an incentive/thank you to those ordering my book from www.veganbodybuildingbook.com. A person named Camille won and she is no doubt stoked!


I want to do many, many more prize give-aways, some large like $500 value, and some smaller like $25-$50. I plan to have some give-aways that will award prizes to many winners and others with a Grand Prize $500 value prize.


As long as books keep moving as fast as they are (fastest-selling book in 10-year history over at www.veganessentials.com for example) I'll keep on providing prizes!


What would you like to win?


Clothing from a specific company?






Give cards to various web stores?


Tell me and I'll connect with those companies to get items donated for my give-aways in a way that gives them attention and advertising while providing me products to give away to YOU as a Thank You for supporting my book.


As I've said many times...it's not just an incentive for those who haven't ordered yet, but I'm also running random prize give-aways for those who ordered many months ago....for example picking random names form Sept 16-Oct 16, awarding prizes to people who were the very first to order during that initial month of pre-sales, and all down the line. Every month will be accounted for to make sure everyone who has ever purchased the book, no matter when the got it, has a chance in our random drawings.


Tell me what you'd like to win, be as specific as possible and I'll work hard to make it happen!







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wow, sounds like a really amazing give-away.

I would love to win the sun warrior raw vegan protein powder since I really do love that brand. Not easy to get in Denmark. But then there is also Thor's Organic Raw Power Protein Superfood Blend. These two since I'm going more into incorporating raw food in my diet.

Just got your book, really look forward in reading it. You are doing so many amazing things, keep going

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Thanks for all the great feedback so far!


I will get Vega gear


I will get Sun Warrior brown rice protein


I will provide vegan clothing


Keep the ideas coming!


I will continue to do random drawings as well.


Camille is super excited about the $100+ value Vega prize she won that gets shipped on Monday and I'm looking forward to choosing more random winners.


I have an entire chapter in one of my books called "Giving makes the World go round"


I love to give.....people give so much to me in the way of support by what the say, what the write and the purchases they make for things like my book. It is my pleasure to give back.



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What a nice thing to do, Robert!


The book rules, you already are making people beyond pleased. But thanks for the additional giveaways.


Everything I could think of has already been posted.

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So, I'm a big fan of incentives and give-aways.....for a couple of reasons. I love giving stuff away, and they work!


Funding the production of the book can be challenging and expensive so every once in a while I offer incentives to get a bunch of orders in right away to help make down payments on a print run of the books.


I'm thinking of compiling a ton of things and offering something like a $500 gift prize to be given in a random drawing. Everyone who orders during X period of time would be entered in the drawing and I would do the drawing on camera and then ship the prize. I just sent out a $100+ value prize to someone who won a drawing recently.


Would you rather see a $500 gift package up for a prize or something like a $25 package (more than the value of the book) that everyone who orders during that period would get?


What's more intriguing, a chance at a $500 prize or a sure thing to get a $25 prize with purchase? Just taking a survey.





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