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Help! Memory issues (maybe an Omega 3 problem...)

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Okay - so my boss read me the riot act today, accusing me of having a serious lack of long term memory. (He actually sounded worried, and suggested that I go see a doctor...) Honestly, my job performance is just fine...I always get top notch performance reviews, and take detailed notes on projects so nothing ever goes wrong. But after thinking about it calmly, I have to admit that maybe he's right and my memory isn't up to snuff these days. (BTW, turning 40 this year - have been vegan for 3 years, and work in a "stressful" finance environment.)


If I *do* have a memory problem, I'm not sure if it corresponds with my conversion to veganism (gee...can't remember! ) But maybe it has something to do with a lack of Omega 3s? (I haven't supplemented with anything, just take a regular multivitamin.)


Been doing some reading, and am thinking that perhaps flaxseed oil and a vegan DHA supplement might be the way to go.

Anyone have any thoughts, or experiences with this? (I'd hate to have to go pescetarian and start supplementing with fish oil...)


Thanks in advance for any posts, ideas...!!

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I would also go to a doctor.


I REALLY wouldn't blame something like this on omega 3. Especially since most vegans I know get more omegas than omnis. But also because I really don't believe that low omega 3 intake would affect your memory tangibly...if that were the case, there would be millions of people with severely impaired memory in this country alone.

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