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*UPDATED*A little progress report

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The last two pics from no training at all, regular eat what I want diet.


rest of the pics are on a healthy diet about maybe 1 month in? or so. with weight training and little cardio.






I had to remove the man butt on strict orders from my lady

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whats up with the close mindness. youre open minded enough to realize vegan is the way to go but ( ) you think a naked butt is something weird? it doesent get more natural than this.

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Chunky shoulders son. Posting these kinds of semi-naked shots is fine, and takes guts to share. Though if you want to share entirely nude photos, it should go into the adult / relationships section of the forum.


The image problem was because there was a general cap on all attachments from all users combined, and it had been reached. I've increased the capacity, so there should be no more probz

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