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Protein question

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Apologies if this has been answered before.


So I recently started taking soy protein supplements and have definitely noticed a difference. Question is, what's the right amount?


Currently I take one scoop before working out, and one after. I'm using the GNC brand which has like 22 grams per scoop. Should I take an additional scoop at night? What about days that I don't work out? I'm currently not taking any protein on these days (apart from food obviously).



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I'm about 125-130 lbs, 5'8, and trying to add muscle weight. I consume a good amount of protein from my diet; I have peanut butter with breakfast and lunch, have lentil soup every day for lunch, eat a lot of nuts, beans, and have some kind of protein with dinner (tofu, seitan, tempeh, etc). I have my workout posted in the online journals section, but I do a four day split of chest/ triceps, back/ biceps, shoulders, and legs. I jog for a mile before each workout and do twenty minutes of cardio (jogging to sprinting) three times a week. I put on 7 pounds of lean muscle recently (10 before I dropped the fat I added with it), and this was before I started taking protein. I also had to cut back on my calories a bit since I was getting a gut. The protein has definitely helped with adding lean muscle, so I'm just wondering if I should take more. I'd love to eventually weigh 140-150, though that might take awhile since I don't want to add fat first. Especially not until the fall anyway. I do look much bigger than I weigh fortunately, but I hate being so light. If I ever get to my desired weight range, I'll be enormous! haha. Not sure I'll be able to achieve it, but it's worth a shot.

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