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1st Place at the NPC Bill Pearl High Desert Classic

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I won 1st Place at the NPC Bill Pearl High Desert Classic in Bend, Oregon yesterday, Saturday, May 8, 2010. I won 1st place in the Novice Middleweight Division, under 176 1/4. It was a non tested show. I have been vegan for over fourteen years and 100% Drug Free for over fifteen years, and working towards this competition for the last eight months. It is my first time on stage and I am so proud to represent Veganism and show the world what can be done on a plant based diet. Thank you for everyone who has supported me. Thank you Robert for your advice and assistance, Thanks Jimi for being out there getting first in your competition last month, and keeping my focused. We need to get on the same stage sometime in the future! You too Robert!! I know I want to do the NPC Vancouver Natural in Vancouver, Washington next year. I am not sure about any other shows this season. It feels really good to finally relax and not worry about what I am eating. I will get pictures up as soon as I can. Thanks again.


Ed Bauer

24 Hour CPT

Portland, Oregon



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Congratulations Ed!


I didn't see this thread, but commented all over your facebook page!


If you don't mind...I'll toss up some pics on here. You looked incredible! Thanks for all your hard work...to be honest, the time we trained together when I was getting ready for shows last year was when I was at my best! We threw around some heavy weights! You saw me go through the pre-contest preparations, came to my show, and then you took the torch and lit it up...coming in with better size and condition than I have ever had! You competed in the same show I got 3rd in and you took it this year!


Well done and Big Congratulations!


Thanks for calling me to give me the recap after pre-judging and finals. I'm so proud of you! 1st place in your first show!


For those who don't know....Ed is known for his unmatched intensity. He's vegan class of '96 like me, going back a few years, and trains like a man on a mission, like a machine.


Results show that...check this out!








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