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Hello everyone,


You have probably noticed Daywalker's name is now green. He is one of our NEW moderators.


As many of you know or can tell, I have a hard time keeping up with the forum as it gets bigger and busier. So I've invited a couple of people who have been on the forum for a very long time and who are very active on the forum to be Moderators.


We will just have a few of them and basically they will help me out with little things.


I want to thank all of you for making it quite easy to run the forum, and hardly anyone has been asked to leave. (online poker keeps coming back but soon I'll learn how to block these spammers). I'm new at computer stuff, I'm certainly not a whiz, so a few people have helped me out such as Michelle and Attila as far as how this forum stuff goes.




The people you may see in green letters soon are Daywalker, Compassionategirl, and Richard....for now. There may be more or fewer in the future.


But just a heads up on that. I just needed a little help from some of the people who use the forum a lot, are from various time zones, and have various backgrounds and opinions on things.


So please welcome them and I feel bad about leaving people out, but for now these are the people who will help moderate the forum.




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So everyone, just keep quiet and nice and we won't have a problem ...




No, seriously, i don't think there is much need for moderators yet, we have a nice community here


I'll do my best to keep trolls, fakes and spam out



Would someone p.l.e.a.s.e give me a reason to test my new powers?


Go to your admin panel, should be located at the very bottom of the page! go to "ban" you can either ban the username or the actual member!

What? You want to be banned?

For now, i'll focus on closing threads and maybe deleting or editing extreme trash


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Its a good thing that there are new moderators.


And just a few random emoticons:



Sorry gym hater, i couldn't resist



You are abusing the powers that have been given to you! And I am the victim

Gym Hater

Edited by Gym hater
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Cool, glad most of you are happy with the choices of new moderators. Since I don't know much about computers I'm still struggling a bit getting Nat and Richard to Moderator status but I'm working on it.


I'm not online quite as much because of work schedules and things like that so it will be really helpful to have these mods assist with small things.


But like Alex said, we really have a great community and not much is needed from a moderator. Just to add funny things to posts like Alex did.


So it may be a day or two before I get it sorted out.


Thanks for the heads up Bigbwii, I'm a little hesitant to mess around with the admin panel on my own since I could end up deleting the wrong things but I'll try to ban all these spammers who want a piece of the Vegan Bodybuilding action!




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Anyone hear old enough to remember one of the coolest shows ever


Are you ready for this? I'll give you an easy clue..... (name's Link)




What's the name of the show???



Ohhhh . . . . . I sooooooooo coveted Peggy Lipton's long blond locks!!

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