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Going without supplements

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I have very active lifestyle and thus have a hard time with eating enough calories and protein during the day.

Do you exercise without all those powders and flours? What are your main protein sources, what about high-calorie snacks?


Currently I eat/drink soy products, other beans, nuts/seeds, dark pasta and plenty of oatmeal. The rest is just low-calorie, fruits and vegetables.


How to improve from this? There's high-protein pasta, but it's not really an option...


On a typical day, I consume about 200-250 grams of tofu, 100 grams of nuts/seeds and 7,5 dl of soy milk (with 525 calories, yumyum), so eating more nuts or drinking more calories doesn't seem reasonable either.


Thanks for your suggestions.


EDIT: forgot to mention textured soy products. I already use those, too :S

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I live a heavily active lifestyle too between my job, being a drummer and working out at the gym and I find that eating small meals throughout the day is the first thing that helps get me through without feeling fatigued. Secondly, make sure you are eating a variety of foods. I try my best to have a lot of different whole grains, beans, seeds, vegetables, and fruits throughout the day. Another question that I have is, are you trying to lose or gain weight? This will dictate the foods and amounts you should focus on. I am usually trying to maintain because I am more likely to lose weight if I don't eat enough calories. One or two of my meals consist of a protein shake that I make using soy milk, flax oil, banana, and protein powder "rice, pea, hemp blend." This usually helps out too. Root veggies/tubers help me with sustained energy as well, so I eat a lot of potatoes "with skins," sweet potatoes, turnips, parsnips, etc.. Eating these before workouts tend to help prolong my energy. Try cooking a lot of food in advance too. I am really busy, so I make large batches of stews, soups, etc.. that I can eat with rice, millet, corn bread or sprouted bread and/or a salad. This way I have "fast food" on hand that is healthy. I hope this helps you out!

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