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supps - what to take and when to take them

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After a looooooooong hiatus I am back in the gym. Like most of us supplements are a part of my diet. I would like some feedback on the supplements I am using.


I start the day with a multi protein shake (pea, rice, and soy protein).

My pre-work out drink is brown rice with l-glutamine. I am changing this shortly to a BCAA+G supp.

Because I work out so close to bedtime I use hemp protein as a post/pre-bed drink.


Share your thoughts! Thanks!

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id stick with your plans to change the pre-workout drink to bcaa+g supp. im a fan of xtend although im sure it's not vegan/vegetarian friendly. the grape flavor is the best tasting pre/post workout supp i've ever tried. everything else looks good. just keep eating enough

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