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Working out on the road

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I've been working out on a pretty regular basis for a few years up to a year ago, eating mostly healthy and so on, which was great.


In the past year I've been traveling non stop, never staying very long in one place. Eating lots of junk and not working out.

Lately I've been missing working out and I think it's time to quit sugar. I tried body weight training for a bit but never stuck to it, so now I'm thinking about getting a 24-hour gym membership or the like.


I guess some of you work out there and I have a few questions about it I'll be happy to get feedback on:


There's no problem using the same card in any of their clubs, right?

Does anyone know how easy it is to cancel the membership later on? I'll be leaving the US in a few months.

How well are they generally equipped and how busy do they get?

Is there any other gym network that lets you use the same membership card everywhere (Canada included would be perfect)? I'm not perfectly satisfied with 24h amount and location of gyms.


Any other advice, esp from someone moving around a lot would be welcomed



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I do most of my workouts at Anytime Fitness, one of those key-card 24 hour places, and can probably shed some light -


1. One card works in ALL clubs. Might take up to a week or two before it will work beyond your home club where you sign up, but once it's set, you can use it anywhere.


2. I'm on month-to-month, I think there was a 3 month minimum commitment, but that was all.


3. Every one I've been to is different. I go to one for squatting/deadlifting as the owner was nice enough to have a good power rack and nice deeply knurled power bar and round plates (none of those crappy octagonal plates there). Another one is my place of choice for having great pull-up stations, a belt for adding weight, and the only chest machine that I've ever found comfortable. I've been to a few others, but they generally suck, not worth the time for me, but it depends on what you want out of your training. Anytime Fitness has a few different business models, the "express" ones are smaller and lesser equipped (DBs only up to 50 lbs., no power racks, limited equipment), some are decent, I'd suggest checking out whatever's available in depth before thinking about signing, as you don't want to end up with a membership you regret. Busy-wise, I train after 9 PM, usually between 10 and 11, it's just me and no more than 3 other people at most. Even during the "busy" times, I rarely have driven by to see more than 10-15 people total, and half are always just doing cardio stuff, keeping most of the weight area pretty open.


4. Most chain gyms will let you use your membership anywhere. Bally's does, I'm pretty sure that Gold's and some of the other big ones do as well. They might try to tack on a small fee for having an "open membership" good at any facility, but it's usually pretty nominal, and if you balk at extra costs, they'll probably waive the fee if it means getting you to sign up. Best bet, when you find a gym that appeals to you the most, check out their website and see how many locations they have/where they all are, check their membership policies on transfering to new gyms or using your membership elsewhere, and you'll get all the info you need.


Finally, not sure if you have any Snap Fitness locations nearby (they're pretty close to Anytime Fitness in terms of number of locations and setup), you'll want to be aware that from what I've been told, they don't have power racks (so no squatting), no free weight barbell bench press stations (dumbbells and machines only), and no empty bars for doing rows, deadlifts, etc. I checked one out the other day, looked nice until I noticed the lack of anything that would be valuable to people who like to train with heavy free weights. Guy who owned it said that it was pretty universal, whereas with Anytime Fitness, the franchisees have more control over what they equip it with. Just a heads-up in case it makes a difference!

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I like VeganEssentials use Anytime Fitness. Its a great place and their key cards can be used anywhere in there is a location.


With regards to Canada. If I am not mistaken Snap Fitness is based out of Canada so there cards will work here and there. There is a Snap Fitness down the road from me as well and they actually do have alot of free weights. Only thing the don't have is a power rack.


How busy one place is varies on its location and the time you go. If I hit the gym around 3-4pm its packed. But get there around 7pm and its me and maybe 2 other people. Friday nights and nearly anytime on Saturday and Sunday a handful of people. I think I weight to use a bench once is the year I've been going there.

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