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What stores should I contact about carrying my book?


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Hey everyone,


I've been brainstorming and have been coming up with lists of stores that should carry my book...big stores like Whole Foods Market and other health food chains, as well as book stores, vegan stores, etc.


What about stores in your region?


You know your community better than I do. What stores would be interested in carrying my Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness book?




I'm finally catching up on individual orders and we're on our 3rd print run, and now I'm reaching out to stores. I printed this book myself, so everything goes through me, so I have to contact each store myself.


Off the top of my head, the only stores that currently carry my book are:



Vegan Essentials

Food Fight



Vegan Proteins

HELD Vegan Belts

Cosmos Vegan Shoppe


Vegetarian Society of Australia



What about stores where you live?


I'd love any suggestions and tips.


Thanks so much!


Post here or email [email protected]



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It will be a while before I get into Barnes and Noble or Borders or the really big stores.....but for now I'm looking to get into fitness stores, wellness stores, vegan stores, co-ops, etc.


I self-published this book and my vision is to sell 50,000 copies on my own, as a self-published book and then go back to the top publishers in the world who rejected my motivational books, with lots of leverage being a self-published best-seller. Then I'll sell the book to the top publishers and they will get it in every Barnes and Noble, Borders, etc. all over North America.


But for now....I've got to prove the numbers and move books so I'm on tour, I'm doing tons of online promotion, and I'm reaching out to find out about lots of smaller or independent stores all over the world


I will get into the big stores someday not too long from now...but right now, I'm hammering away everywhere else

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I'm gonna go leave my house right now and hit 3 or 4 co-ops that have a small books section and see if there is a manager. I'll bring my personal copy for them to flip through. I'll give them your website address, but I don't know how much else I can do. Or, I'll get their contact info if I can and you can pitch them. You're better at that sort of thing than I am anyhow.



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That is awesome! The more the word gets out the better we can spread this positive message. Once I hit my targets and move enough copies, I'll get the largest book publishers in the world interested and we'll see it in every major book store on the continent!


Thanks so much!

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Well, I went to three co-ops. My friend is in the middle of demolition to redo the building he just bought. he'll have a retail space. He does endurance athlete training, massage, v02 max and lactic threshold testing and bike fits. among some other things. I can promise your book will be there.


None of the book managers were around, but I'll email/otherwise follow up with them. I will show them my personal copy. If they'd rather you contact them, or if YOU'D rather you contact them, let me know and I'll forward you emails and phone #'s.


I might also hit the local anarcist bookstore. You never know...

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Cool, and thanks!


Yeah, forward whatever you like to me....now that I'm caught up/catching up on individual book orders, I'm reaching out to stores and it's great!


From Can to Aus, stores are picking up dozens at a time!



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Thanks everyone!


Keep em coming.


I will follow up with every single lead. I'm going to work harder than anyone to become a best-selling author. I believe my message is just too important to ignore. I put in many 18 hour days....I'm cutting back a tiny bit to train more, rest more, and get back into shape, but I'll still work 12 hours a day to give my book the best opportunity to succeed and reach as many people as possible.


PS, I heard from someone on FB that Borders is fairly self-published book friendly! With the rate of my book sales, I should be able to present them something fairly attractive soon!


Thanks for all the support too!


If you don't have the book, please consider picking it up from www.veganbodybuildingbook.com or anywhere else you can find it. I sign every copy, toss in Vega samples and coupons with every order and I love the support and love inspiring others!

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Ok. Update. Left a phone message, and an email. The one store I was able to contact told me they only get books from their distributor and from nowhere else.


The name of that distributor is Intrical Yoga. The # is 1 800 262 1008. The owners name is Ganess (sp?). Robert, I think you might want to field that one, as I am very confident you'll pitch it better than I ever could. Good luck, and I hope you can do it!


Also, I'll spot into Fast and Furless (vegan store I sometimes forget about) with my copy tonight.

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