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haha speaking of hiking


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Haya ya'll!!Noice to see everyones pix.


I've Been going on some crazy trek lately in the stix.Some from the Yukon and northern,BC.snowed over may long so went hiking when everyone backed out hhaa.

Pix from the last 2 day recently...Enjoy.











Noice lil moose







some nice falls (maybee 30 ft)...quality creek.






Tia (not wanting to go anywere!)






haaha me (that weirdo)





noice veiw




Huge falls (maybee 150 ft)


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what´s up with the gun?


He lives in the Yukon with nobody around for 100+ miles and has it for protection?





Litterally hundreds of miles from anyone.Was bear season out(theyre just outve hibernation,kinda kookoo and huuungry,etc).


Its a harsh reality but trust me out here you gotta be carefull and lookn out for #1 or your not comin home.


Much thx yis'all!

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