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If the store YOU suggest orders my book YOU get a FREE copy


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Ready for this? If the store YOU suggest is not on my own list and they ORDER my book, YOU get a FREE signed copy of my book! Stores like Borders, Whole Foods Market, etc. are on my list, but WHICH stores do YOU know of that I don't? What stores should carry my book? Go!!! You can even help get them to order to ensure YOUR FREE copy. Thx!


So if we can get stores to order, free books will fly out.....please start suggesting!


And it's not just stores.....I have lots of retailers from Animal Sanctuaries like Animal Acres to Non-profit organizations like Organic Athlete to Vegan groups like the Vegetarian Society of Australia carrying the book. So really...any place you can think of!


Here are some ideas to get started, look for:


Independent book stores in your area


Wellness centers


Nutrition stores


Vegan/Vegetarian stores


Fitness centers


Chain book or health stores I don't know about




People are giving me suggestions via Facebook too, so if there is a store mentioned multiple times, I'll check the dates and time to see who mentioned it first.


I'll add to this list, but off the top of my head, here are some of the places I've already thought of/contacted/will contact:


People to contact about the Vegan Bodybuilding Book




Vegan Essentials – Carrying the book

Food Fight! – Carrying the book

Herbivore – Carrying the book

Karmavore – Carrying the book

Cosmos Vegan Shoppe – Carrying the book

Vegan store in MN

Proper Eats

Whole Foods Market

New Seasons Market


Eko Zone

Side Car for Pigs Peace

Market of Choice

Go Raw Café

VeganProteins.com – Carrying the book

Bodybuilding.com – Carrying the book


Live Super Foods.com

TheVegetarianSite.com – Carrying the book

VeganStore.com – Carrying the book


Sequel Naturals - Presented the book

Prana Café

Downing’s Gym – Presented book to them

First Alternative Co-op – Presented book to them

People’s Co-op

Food Front Co-op – Presented the book to them

Mother’s Market

Super Supplements

GNC – Presented book to them

Bellingham Co-op

PCC Markets

Sundance Natural Foods

The Kiva

Evergreen Nutrition

Capella Market

Ashland Food Co-op – Presented book to them

Shop n’ Kart

Rainbow Grocery

Ethos Vegan Kitchen

SuperVegan.com – Carrying the book via Amazon.com

Happycow.net – Carrying the book via Amazon.com

Downbound.com - Presented book to them




Book Stores


Powells Books – Presented book to them

Barnes and Noble


Amazon.com –Carrying the book

Browser’s Book Store

Elliott Bay Bookstore





Humane Society of the United States


PETA – Presented book to them

In Defense of Animals

Farm Sanctuary – Presented book to them

American Vegan Society

Australian Vegan Society – Carrying the book

Vegan Society of the UK – Presented book to them


Compassion Over Killing

PCRM – Presented book to them

Vegan Outreach – Presented book to them

Mercy for Animals

Vegetarians of Washington

Boston Vegetarian Association

Central Florida Vegetarians

Chicago Vegetarian Association

New York Vegetarian Association

San Francisco Vegetarian Association

DC Raw Meet-up group

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Animal Acres Sanctuary – Carrying the book

Woodstock Animal Sanctuary

Organic Athlete - Carrying the book


Influential Individuals:


Alicia Silverstone – Book was delivered

Mac Danzig – Book was delivered

Jamie Eason – Book is on the way

Ellen Degeneres

Paul McCartney



Gary Vaynerchuk – Book has been presented

Tim Ferriss

John Mackey

Carl Lewis

Tony Gonzalez

Howard Lyman

John Robbins

Jay Cutler – Book will be delivered soon

Troy Alves – Book will be delivered soon

Prince Fielder

Biz Stone – Book has been delivered

Gene Baur – Book has been delivered

Rory Freedman – Book has been delivered

Kevin Gianni – Book will be delivered soon

Dan Pirarro – Book has been presented

Wayne Pacelle

Ingrid Newkirk

Pam Anderson

Leona Lewis

Bruce Freidrich

Matthew Scully

John Joseph – Book will be delivered soon

Ani Phyo – Book will be delivered soon

Natalie Portman

Matt Ball

Jon Camp

Toby McGuire

Edward Norton

Morgan Spurlock

Jim Carrey

John Salley – Book has been presented, delivered soon




VegNews Magazine – Book has been delivered

Vegetarian Times Magazine

FLEX Magazine

Muscle & Fitness Magazine

Oxygen Magazine

Muscle Mag Magazine

Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Magazine

Beyond Fitness Magazine

Organic Lifestyle Magazine – Book has been delivered

Yoga Magazine

Details Magazine

Mother Jones Magazine – Book has been presented

Utne Magazine

Men’s Workout Magazine

Men’s Exercise Magazine

Men’s Journal – Book has been presented

Women’s Health Magazine – Book has been presented

LA Health Magazine

KBOO Radio

Air America Radio

Supreme Master TV

The Wall Street Journal

The New York Times

The Oregonian

The Corvallis Gazette Times – Book has been presented

The Willamette Week

The Seattle Times

The LA Times

The Washington Post

National Review

The New York Times Magazine

The Weekly Standard

Library Journal

The Rocky Mountain News

The Toronto Star

The Eugene Register Guard

The Arizona Republic

The Phoenix Sun


Peta2.com – Book has been presented




Stores/groups already carrying the book, off the top of my head











Animal Acres

Vegetarian Society of Australia


Likely more I'm forgetting too


Thanks so freakin much!

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Places that have already been mentioned on Facebook or Twitter include:


(I'll update this list daily)













http://www.visionsbookstore.com/... See More



Sidecar for pigs peace in Seattle! Also, Marlenes market


BOOKS & BOOKS, Cayman Islands- a large store, chain is based in Florida:


Changing Hands in Tempe, AZ


Vegan Shop in Israel inf[email protected]


northstar infoshop in portland.


The Natural Pantry in Anchorage, AK:




3801 Old Seward Highway... See More

Anchorage, AK 99503-6035

(907) 770-1444


Good Harvest Market in Pewaukee, WI. Here is their webpage http://www.goodharvestmarket.com/






Vegan cafe called "Terri" in New York City

(212) 647-8810

64 W 23rd St, New York NY10010


Planet Organic - all across Canada: http://www.planetorganic.ca/ourstores


The Big Carrot, Toronto: http://www.thebigcarrot.ca/?id=14


Noah's Natural Foods, Toronto: http://www.noahsnaturalfoods.ca/ret_store_locator.asp?storeID=25253C03182E4524ACDDB4F565E2742F


Misc + Bookstores: http://veg.ca/content/view/95/108/


Cafes + Health stores:




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Nature's Fare Markets http://www.naturesfare.com/natures_fare_locations.html


Choices Markets http://www.naturesfare.com/natures_fare_locations.html


Mosaic Books http://www.mosaicbooks.ca/?q=h.contact&STG=1988851218


Try Loblaw's, is a grocery store chain that has recently renovated all of their stores across Canada dedicating a full isle to healthy and vegan foods. They carrie Sequel Naturals. http://www.loblaw.com/en/abt_corprof.html

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Awesome! Thanks! Keep them coming! This is great! I hope to get into many of these stores and reward you all with books for helping me learn about them, remind me about them and ultimately helping get new stores to order!

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Huge Chain of Natural Supermarkets and Distributors




They have a very large Organic/Natural Food Market now called Publix Greenwise even and exclusive Store



Tree of Life:

Huge Organic/Natural Food Distributor is the Southeastern United States



Nutrition Smart

Small Chain in the Tampa Bay Area



Vitamin Shoppe

Large Franchise of Discount Vitamins/Sports Supplements



Trader Joe's



Hope that helps any more and i'll be sure to post em.

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Thanks everyone!


Keep them coming...I'll spend weeks contacting all of them. Much appreciated. Will update the list of stores carrying the book as more do and will send out free books to those who first suggested the books that pick it up!


Also working on improving my website right now. Just sent 12 changes to be made on it to my website guy, so that should help too.


Thanks again!

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Hey Robert! We have an all vegan store now in Orlando. I wasn't sure if you knew that or not. Anyway the name of the place is "The Red Artichoke" I believe. It is on the same street as Etho's Vegan Kitchen about a half mile down the road. I will try to get some more ideas of what stores in the Central Florida area might like to carry your book.

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