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2010 Stanley Cup Finals

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They will be completely and utterly crushed by Chicago.


Chicago has about 3 times as much depth. Philly's only advantage is using their size to intimidate people from going for the puck aggressively. Chicago is also a big team, so Philly loses their size advantage, and Chicago has WAY more talent. My only question is whether it will be a sweep, or if Philly can manage to win one game at home.

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Growing up I used to live near Philly, so the Flyers were pretty much my home team. But every time they got close they would end up messing up. I don't really like them either but since they haven't won a cup I thought it would be nice if they at least won one game during the finals. Now that I live in Florida I am all about Tampa Bay Lightning. I was so happy they won the Stanley Cup right after I moved down here. But they also haven't come close since.Ice hockey is definitely an interesting sport to follow.

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Wow! So cool so many people are into hockey!


I tried to find anyone interested in the NBA playoffs and came up empty handed! NBA is by far my favorite but I was in a sports bar with my family and watched game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Awesome game!

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