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My degree was done entirely via DL - I was pleased with the quality of education I received.. not to mention I was able to do it while working FT and on my own time schedule... I'll be starting a Masters next year, again, entirely via DL. Full steam ahead.


APUS has a good rep, the courses are affordable and a very nice range of degrees.


The cost, generally, is less than going the traditional way of attending class in person. Again, for me, it was a number of factors that I considered when going for DL: 1) Time - I work FT, I can't take off mornings/afternoons to attend class. 2) Flexibility - ability to view lectures at my leisure was fantastic. 3) Type of degree sought - My undergrad is in Networking and Telecommunications - exactly what I wanted. 4) Cost - saved quite a bit of $ vs going to a B&M (Brick and Mortar) school...


I'd recommend visiting the forum I posted in my earlier post - it is, by far, the best forum regarding DL education...

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